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Matt Raines is best known as a veteran of the East Coast jazz scene. Matt's composition, lyrical playing and excellent sense of feel and dynamics are unparalleled.  After leaving his home state of Rhode Island, he relocated here to Austin where he designs and markets his own line of guitars.

Born in Austin, Jayme Munoz has been playing guitar for over 25 years. he has played in various styles of bands, from latin jazz,  country, tejano, top 40, and progressive rock. After playing with a number of nationally known bands and musicians, Jayme eventually found his calling with jazz and world music. His soloing technique is un-mistakable and conforms to the music that surrounds it. He brings excitement to the music and an unforgettable sound with each note.

Matt Raines

Jayme Munoz

Steve Metz comes to us from the Philadelphia area originally.  Steve is co-owner of The Sound Lab in Austin. Along with being one of the best studio drummers in town, Steve is also a producer , sound engineer , actor and voice talent. He can be seen and heard all over the Austin area in various radio and t.v. spots.

Dan Mowery hails from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His versatility allows him to execute a spectrum of rythms and grooves with a unique hammer-on hitting rock and jazzy pop grooves. he has appreciation for various styles of music and for this reason his ability to improvise on the fly comes naturally. He enjoys the thrill of playing with musicians that make him work, expand his knowledge and thereby always giving him the opportunity to reinvent his style.

Steve Metz

Dan Mowery